About Cohort

Great art on a t-shirt, it sounds simple but it is a rare thing to find. Most t-shirts out there always seem to have a cheesy slogan or some kind of a reference to drinking beer, you won’t find t-shirts like that here at Cohort.


Right from the off we are committed to the creation of unique wearable art that is as authentic as possible. Our artists are constantly in creative mode, expressing themselves in unique ways that seek to find a voice or articulate a sense of well being. As individuals we are all looking to find original ways of self expression, so if you prefer a look that is more graphic or fine art, our artists will have something that fits your identity.


Using eco-friendly water based inks, we screen print in full colour directly into the fabric of the garment to ensure the print has a long lasting feel of quality. Our fine combed cotton t-shirts are made in Mauritius with 160g 100% cotton and are enzyme washed in order to remove excess fibres and provide the best surface for a smooth print.